Online Survey and Guestbook for your Website

  • create your own survey questions
  • import email addresses from on-line booking systems
  • auto email survey to guests after departure
  • show a guestbook or reviews on your website

Find out what your guests think

Evaluating your business performance helps you identify and fix issues before they become real problems.

With GuestReview you can track customer satisfaction. The service lets you send out personalised surveys with custom questions and easily publish selected reviews and guestbook entries to your web site.

Increase your bookings

Why should I stay at your lodging and not the one down the road?

Customers trust independent reviews. Thus, showing what other guests have said about you on your web site can increase your online bookings.

GuestReview offers an easy and simple way to enhance your website with a live guestbook and up-to-date reviews.

Try a Sample Survey Now

People trust reviews

70% of global consumers trust consumer opinions posted online.

Source: Nielsen Global Trust in Advertising Survey Q3 2011

54% of the online users look for reviews on company websites.

Source: Lightspeed Research

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